Disney Art Exhibit in Odaiba

We took the Yurikamome line from Shinbashi to Funenokagakukan station in Odaiba. Despite it being a weekday, the train was crowded with what must have been tourists. The train afforded us a beautiful view of the Tokyo Bay and the shipping companies that lined its shores as well as a glimpse of Rainbow Bridge and the grounds of the park where Ultra Japan and the Color Run were held.



The Museum of Emerging Sciences was a short walk from the station. The museum is a big seven story building and houses a cafe, a play area for children and real science labs. On the first floor you can lay down on couches under a giant digital globe and watch a video on a screen similar to a dentists light.



Although we didn’t spend too much time there, the museum exhibits were interesting, informative and very hands on (games). The topics ranged from our bodies to outer space to the future of civilization. it reminded me of a more technology focused Discovery Place. The main attraction in the museum seemed to be the robots of which there were several kinds. Even Asimo was there. While the museum would be great for kids, our aim was the special Disney exhibit, Disney Art Museum.


File_000 (11)

Walk through the wizards hat that Mickey stole in Fantasia and you are met with a description of the exhibit and the animators drawing board and dancing sketches suspended in midair. The next room shows early unfinished shorts from Disney movies and from that room you move into the main exhibit.

The main exhibit is divided into several sections and shows sketches, concept art and video clips along with explanations of all the Disney movies from Steamboat Willie to Moana and the technology used in each. After leaving the exhibit area you will find yourself in the gift shop where you can buy Disney plates, stationary and much more.

If the exhibit allowed cameras we would have been there for much longer but we still spent about to hours there. It was well worth the 1800 yen per person just to see the concept art. Could you imagine the Beast as a baboon? or Sleeping Beauty with orange hair?


The exhibit is open until September 24, 2017 so if you’re near Odaiba in Tokyo, check it out!


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