Traveler’s Notebook Review

This past week I picked up a new Traveler’s Note to replace my Moleskine and I’m already enjoying it so much I decided to do a review!

The price is a little steep at around 40 dollars but it was well worth it for what looks like a notebook that will last a lifetime.

The regular size package includes a brown, black, camel, or special edition olive green leather cover. The cover isĀ is 8.4 x 5.1 x 1.6 inches. There is an elastic band and bookmark fitted into a notch in the middle and the package also comes with a blank notebook and a replacement band. It’s light and small but the beauty of the system is that you can add and remove notebooks using elastic (or even rubber) bands!

Attach the notebook insert by opening it to the middle and sliding it under the elastic band. Attach two notebooks by opening them both to the center and using an elastic (or rubber) band to attach them to each other, closing each notebook so that they are on opposite sides of the band and then sliding them under the elastic band in the center of the cover. You can repeat this process for as many notebooks as you like!

There are several kinds of notebook inserts; lined, grid, blank, weekly and monthly planners and more! And you can buy folders and zippered pouches and stickers to customize your notebook further. And there’s even a binder to store your finished notebooks or notebooks you don’t need at the moment.


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