Start with a Smile

One of my goals for this month is to start talking to more people. I enjoy talking to people but I don’t feel comfortable starting a conversation unless I’m in a structured environment like company training or at work. But in these situations, once I start talking I usually find it hard to stop.

I can get very friendly with a person once I’ve started talking, sharing dreams and worries and asking questions freely, but I just don’t know where to begin.

It could be because I fear that the person I’m talking with won’t like me and they might walk away or cause me embarrassment in an unstructured situation but I know it would be rude and next to impossible for them to walk away in a structured one.

My eventual goal is to create lasting relationships by correctly reading people’s emotions.

And while I’m working on that I’ve made a list of ten things I want to try this month in order to start conversations with new people in unstructured situations.

  1. Attract attention and start with a smile
  2. Offer a compliment
  3. Gage response
  4. Continue / abandon conversation
  5. Talk about something you know
  6. Be relaxed
  7. Don’t fear rejection
  8. Mind your manners
  9. Know when to end
  10. Offer another time to meet

I’ll start with the first point and slowly move through each point until I reach the last one. Mastering the last point will be the goal of the course. I look forward to studying and becoming a conversational master!


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