Todays weather has done an about face from a dreary drizzly morning to a warm afternoon. The coat I had taken for my afternoon walk was now slung over one shoulder.

People watching in Aoyama is one of my favorite activities. All those people dressed in the very best clothes money can buy. Where are they going? What are they thinking? My Japanese girlfriend wont even come to Omotesando if she isn’t dressed up.

After stopping by the pet shop and comiserating with a shiba puppy as his whiskers were clipped a little too close to his face for comfort I continued my stroll down Aoyama Road to the farmers market.

The market is always buzzing with activity. I stopped at one of the stalls and watched a workshop where people were peeling and hanging persimmons to dry.

Want to try? he asked it’s one thousand yen to participate. I politely refused and moved on.

Making a u-turn and walking down the opposite row of stalls a girl called out in English Please try some honey!

I tried three kinds of honey and all of them tasted distinctly different! Luckily I didn’t have my wallet with me so thanked the girl and strolled back to work.

I’ll have to go visit that shiba again someday soon.


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