I’ve got a Prideful Problem

I don’t handle corrections or negative comments very well without an explanation that I can understand.

Today my girlfriend told me that my clothes were tacky. Instead of accepting that that was her opinion, I took offence since I had been interested in fashion and had been reading fashion blogs and magazines just before I met her. She says her friends say that my clothing sense had gotten better since I was with her and that she has always been picking out my clothes. I said I was interested in fashion because I was dating at that time and I wanted to look my best. I had never really taken an interest in fashion before. Recently I haven’t been paying too much attention to fashion because I don’t feel like I have enough money to buy new clothes. I’ve been wearing the same things as last year. Because you know, they don’t have holes in them and still look fine. I don’t think it’s a problem.

So i think the takeaway here is that she wants me to pay more attention to my fashion and buy new things.

I guess I could use some new jeans.

It seems like she’s putting me down in order to force the viewpoint that I need her. One of her favorite things to say is where would you be without me?

And I think the cycle we’ve been going in is so strange. She gets angry at me, I apologize and try to identify a mistake I made. Then the next time she gets angry at me she points out what I apologized for last time.

Last time I said I was too stubborn and today she called me stubborn but the time before that she was telling me I was too prideful. She also takes things I don’t like in life and tries to draw comparisons. If I didn’t like a co worker she would draw a comparison between us the next time she got mad at me.

Don’t know how to fix this… help?


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