Have you seen NPR’s Tiny Music Desk?

I’ve always loved music. In middle school I used to sit and spend hours listening to music on the radio. Later in high school I did the same thing with youtube. Recently I’ve been busy with my personal life but I have rediscovered music from time to time throughout my stay in Japan.

On my most recent music kick, I’ve been listening to NPR’s Tiny Music Desk a lot. NPR gets a lesser known band to do a performance at their offices while they do desk work and records the whole thing live. You really get a feel for the band’s energy and sound since NPR uses the best audio visual equipment. The whole thing looks unedited too.

Each show is about ten minutes long which usually means three songs or so and sometimes that includes a bit of banter while they tune instruments between songs and a couple of good-natured jabs by NPR employees.

And since they bring in all kinds of artists from blues bands to Adele to Mackelmore, you’re sure to find a new artist you’ll like sooner or later!

My favorite shows so far, as I’ve combed through the archives include Pokey laFarge, Noah and the Whale, Foster the People, The Lonesome Bellow, The Civil War, Local Natives, Daughter and Lyle Lovett.

If you’ve got the time, check it out, you’re bound to find something you like!


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